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After Prop 1D – Pt. 1

July 22, 2014

  So we’ve spent 6 years putting the Prop 1D technical puzzle pieces in place.  Now what? Good question.  Fortunately the perfect project is presenting itself to us. Mission Bay....

2014 Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare Review #1

July 8, 2014

  We have our first 2014 installment of the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare highlights.  After perusing the first 3 issues I have chosen 3 articles to profile.  Absolutely no one...

Prop 1D Props

July 1, 2014

I was hired out of Apple by UCSF to implement Prop 1D.   Proposition 1D is the K-University Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2006.  Included within the proposition, that was...

Guest Blog: 10 Trends why TeleHealth adoption will take off by Rajesh Vargheese

June 23, 2014

One of the great things about working at UCSF is meeting all sorts of very bright people.  I met Rajesh Vargheese through our work with Cisco.   We spoke at length at ATA 2014 in Baltimore...

Current events: The VA and Apple

June 17, 2014

  A couple of thoughts on current events. I can’t help thinking that of all the health care systems in the country the one that is in the best position to prove the case of Telehealth working on...